What will happen to you, Beauty?

At the baptism, the fairies will come and each will wish for something beautiful and give me a gift. One will stay in the castle because there won't be enough gold plates and wish that I would stab myself in the spindle and die when I turn 15! The last fairy won't be able to deny it, but she will alleviate that desire, so I'll wake up eventually.

The king will be afraid and will order all the spindles to be burned.
When I turn fifteen I will happen to be left alone and set out to explore the castle. I will meet an old woman and ask her what is the thing that is jumping so happily and I will want to try it out. I will stab myself on the spindle and fall asleep and with me the whole kingdom. The castle will be overgrown with thorns. A lot of young men will try to wake me up, but they will be bothered by thorns. After 100 years of sleep, a real young man who will see beautiful flowers will come and wake me up with a kiss. And the whole kingdom will wake up with me. 

Autori:Nera Vulić, Leonarda Pospišil, Barbara Smolčić, Ivana Bogdanović, Ema Beraković
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