The Sleeping Beauty pricked herself on a spindle and fell into a deep slumber. When she pricked herself, the poison from the needle entered her bloodstream and started to spread through it. The bloodstream is made of the heart, blood vessels, and the blood itself. The heart was beneficial for the poison spreading around the body. The heart is a muscle pump that is made of four parts: the right atrium, left atrium, right ventricle, and left ventricle. Blood vessels are also important for the poison spreading. Arteries lead the blood from the heart and veins lead it back to the heart, and the capillaries connect the smallest veins and arteries. The poison spreads through blood. Blood is a liquid connective tissue that is made of blood plasma, white and red blood cells, and platelets. Some poisons from day to day life that can hurt young humans are: alcohol, cigarettes, fast food, and more. We can protect ourselves from them by not consuming them.  

Autori:Nera Vulić, Leonarda Pospišil, Barbara Smolčić, Ivana Bogdanović, Ema Beraković
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