Fairy's Evil Intentions

I am one of the thirteen fairies in this kingdom. But when the king's daughter was born, I was left out at the feast that was going to be held for the baby. The fairies are going to present their gifts for the child at the end of the feast. When they are done, I am going to come in and say "When she is fifteen years old, the Princess is going to prick herself with a spindle and is going to fall down dead!" After that, I will leave dramatically. None of the fairies are going to be powerful enough to stop the curse fully. On the morning of her fifteenth birthday, the Princess is going to find an old woman busily spinning her flax. The Princess is going to ask woman "Good morning, Granny, what are you doing?" The woman is going to answer "I am spinning". The Princess is not going to know what the spindle is, so she is going to try to do the same as the old lady. She is carelessly going to prick herself in the finger and fall on to the bed in the room into a deep slumber. After the princess falls asleep, the rest of the castle is going to do the same. 

Autori:Nera Vulić, Leonarda Pospišil, Barbara Smolčić, Ivana Bogdanović, Ema Beraković
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